Now that you have your cremation urn selected, where will you be storing these cremains? If your loved one hasn't prearranged or expressed specific instructions, it may be left to you to decide where their ashes will be stored. There are some options available to preserve the cremated remains that are safe and secure approaches. 

Typically, options include the following:


Roman Catholics have entombed the remains of the deceased in Mausoleums, frequently located on the property of a church or in a cemetery. While crypts usually hold the body of a deceased person, these are being sold in smaller sizes to contain cremains for church members or clients.


columbarium is comprised of compartments that each hold the cremains of an individual. These cubicles allow you to visit the cremains of your loved one, and leave behind flowers, notes, or trinkets, inside a door to the space. These resemble a wall of small enclosed boxes, generally located on the grounds of a cemetery or church, with each one providing space for an individual's cremains.

Cemetery plot

Burying ashes in a family cemetery plot is becoming commonplace, and since it takes very little space to bury an urn. Ultimately, this would allow families more space in their family plots for future decedents. This also allows a low-cost solution to individuals that may already have a plot in their family. 


When you decide to scatter the ashes of a loved one, be careful not to do so on property that may prohibit it. State or local parks may have laws surrounding scattering ashes onsite. Many choose to take the scattering at sea or on private property for their loved one's final resting spot.

Grave markers

A practical approach could be through incorporating the ashes of a loved one with the formation of a headstone, grave marker, or other ornament for the family's plot or burial location. Some options might include a memorial bench, boulder, or stone feature that is engraved to acknowledge the deceased.

Cremation jewelry

Jewelry is found offered for those that want to carry a little bit of their loved one with them. These mini bottles, tiny urns, or pendants will open to hold a pinch or more of cremains. There are some companies that create diamonds and glass stones from the ashes of the deceased for a long lasting testament to those that have passed.

The options for cremains seem to be expanding, and there are alternatives to traditional cremation burials. Further questions can be directed to specialists such as Wiebe & Jeske Burial & Cremation Care Providers. Open up a line of communication with loved ones to determine what their personal preferences are, and to best fulfill their final wishes.